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Visa-free travel for Ukrainians visiting the EU has arrived, and one mother is wasting no time in taking advantage of the new rules.

Irina Levko’s two-year-old son is disabled and has been receiving treatment in Europe.

Now the family can avoid paperwork and long queues at embassies before travelling.

Realizan el viaje en dirección contraria a la que se suele pensar. Dejan atrás lugares de Europa, un trabajo, una casa y una red de amigos construida desde cero para regresar a sus países natales, en África. ¿Quiénes son? ¿Por qué vuelven?

This paper analyzes the potential of a number of pull factors (unrelated to immigration policies) in attracting highly skilled migrants in 18 European countries. To do so we built a unique dataset combining information on the flows by level of skills from the European Labor Force Survey (Eurostat) with a large list of proxies of pull factors obtained from different OECD databases.