International Workshop: «Methodological Challenges for the Study of Return and Circular Migration»
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International Workshop: «Methodological Challenges for the Study of Return and Circular Migration»

The first day will be devoted to discuss previous experiences with researchers who have utilized the available Censuses and Register data from different countries to identify and measure return, repeated migration and circulation, as well as large-scale surveys and more qualitative studies. The second day, all the attendants will discuss with experts from the Statistical Offices from different countries (including Senegal, Romania, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, UK, Argentina, etc.) the methodological challenges for studying return migration and circulation with a special focus on four sending (Romania, Senegal, Argentina and Ukraine) and four destination countries (Spain, Italy, France and the UK), which are the main cases of study in the TEMPER Project.


Nicoleta Caragea (INSSE) – Return Migration. Romanian Case


Cris Beauchemin (INED) -Sampling, recruiting & interviewing returned and circular migrants in Senegal, Congo and Ghana. The MAFE Project Experience
Ramon Mahia and Anda David (UAM) -NOPOOR Project Study: Migration and return survey based research


Tomas Johansson (Statistics Sweden) -Mapping circular migration with register statistics


Antonio Argüeso (INE) -Exchange of Information between Member States to improve population Statistics. A Proposal from INE-Spain
Cheikh Tidiane Ndiaye (ANSD) -Perspectives d’études des migrations de retour à partir des données du recensement du Sénégal de 2013
Giampaolo Lanzieri (Eurostat) -Some provisional definitions of circular migration for statistical purposes


Inma Serrano and Amparo Gonzalez (CSIC) -TEMPER survey design: Challenges and tools


Amparo Gonzalez (CSIC) -TEMPER Project: the rationale of the Workshop


Enrico Tucci (ISTAT) -Enhancing quality of international migration outcomes and the statistics on circular migration by using a micro-approach in demographic accounting and population registers
Ilka Steiner (UNIGE) -Towards a new longitudinal data set for the analysis of migration and integration in Switzerland
William Mejía (UTP) -Looking for a basic and cheap tool for periodical research on international migration from and to country X: Colombia (ENMIR, 2008-2009) Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú (ENAMIR, 2013)


Samir Farid and Giambattista Cantisani (MED-HIMS) -MED-HIMS Scope and Methodology


Marcela Cerrutti and Alicia Maguid (CENEP) -Difficulties in assessing return and circular migration: the case of Argentina
Olexiy Pozniak and Iryna Maidanik (Ptoukha) -Sources of information about labor migration from Ukraine