International Workshop «Migrant Workers in the Agriculture Sector. Trajectories, Circularity and Rights. A comparative perspective»
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International Workshop «Migrant Workers in the Agriculture Sector. Trajectories, Circularity and Rights. A comparative perspective»

Since the 1990s, agri-food restructuring has transformed and revitalized many traditional rural areas of Europe changing long-established social, labour relations and forms of capital investment. Labour market flexibility and labour shortages have been central to these new agrarian economies where immigrant workers became prominent both in terms of volume and social visibility. A demand-driven regime for these kind of immigrant workers have been implemented in different countries across Europe fuelling new dilemmas and challenges in the management of migration, recognition of social and labour rights, immigration policies and induced as well as spontaneous forms of international mobility.


The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts of different disciplines and geographies (Spain, Italy, France, UK, Romania, Morocco) to discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences on the socio-demographic, labour and mobility dynamics at these areas of Europe. The workshop is part of the activities developed in the framework of the European TEMPER Project (


Convenors: Ana López-Sala and Yoan Molinero (IEGD, CSIC)


Gennaro Avallone (UNISA) -The globalized countryside: Migrant farmworkers in the Italian agriculture between exploitation and struggles for justice


Yoan Molinero (CSIC) -Fieldwork in Piana del Sele (Province of Salerno, Italy). Moroccan and Romanian Agricultural  Worker’s Conditions in the Italian California


Cristina Brovia (UNITO) – Seasonal migrants in the agriculture of northern Italy. The case of Cuneo.


Erica Consterdine (UoS) and Sahizer Samuk (IAS) – Closing the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme: A Triple Loss


Emmanuelle Hellio (INED) – « The crisis and I, we took the same plane » : Poor working and living conditions of the new agricultural workers in the Bouches-du-Rhône


Tatiana Eremenko and Mélanie Jolivet (INED) -Managing flows of foreign seasonal workers in the context of globalization and EU construction: the French case


Monica Serban and Alin Croitoru (UB) -Building a system to manage the outflow of contract migrant workers in the case of Romania


Javier Patricio (UHU) – TEMPER: trabajo de campo realizado en Huelva y provincia


Josep Serra (UDL) – Trabajo de campo en la zona fru2cola de  Lleida


Elena Gadea (UM) – Jornaleros Inmigrantes en la Agroindustria murciana


Carlos de Castro (UAM), Andrés Pedreño and Elena Gadea (UM) – Strategies of mobilization and management of vulnerable workers in the agricultural industry in Murcia


Ana López Sala (CSIC) – WP2 Seasonal Work Flows