Third TEMPER Annual Meeting in Madrid
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Third TEMPER Annual Meeting in Madrid

The third TEMPER annual meeting has been a bit different from previous ones. This time, apart from the internal discussion on the progress made in WP and the challenges ahead, the first day was devoted to drafted papers presentations from different pieces of information exploited in TEMPER, and the corresponding discussion aimed at encouraging future publications.


Raffaella Grecco (EU Commission) -Migration: Research in the EU Framework Programme


Renata Hosnedlova (UCM) – Between economic crisis and war: Dynamics of migration plans of Ukrainians in Spain


Amparo González, Inma Serrano and Tatiana Eremenko(CSIC) -Moroccans’ Selection into Return Migration from Different European Destinations. Merging Datasets As a Strategy for Testing Return Migration Theories


Erica Consterdine (UoS) -A return to guestworkers? Temporary Labour Migration Programmes in Europe


Cris Beauchemin, Mélanie Jolivet (INED) and Tatiana Eremenko (CSIC) -Constructing and deconstructing migrant flows. A legal and statistical analysis of temporary migrants categories in France since 1945


Tatiana Eremenko  (CSIC) – To grant or not to grant? Family rights of temporary migrants


Yoan Molinero Gerbeau, Ana López Sala (CSIC) and Gennaro Avallone (UNISA)– Managing Seasonal Workers in the Agriculture Sector in Italy and Spain.  Legal mechanisms and promises of circularity


Lama Kabbanji (IRD), Mélanie Jolivet (INED), Antonina Levatino (INED) and Sorana Toma (INED) -Design and implementation of the online survey among foreign born postgraduate students and academic staff in France, United Kingdom and Spain


Erica Consterdine and Michael Collyer (UoS) -WP3: Stakeholder survey: research design and preliminary results


Erica Consterdine, Alexandra Urdea and Michael Collyer (UoS) -Wp3: Fieldwork with Australians and Romanians in London


Lama Kabbanji (IRD) -Lebanese academic international mobility and knowledge production in social sciences


Erica Consterdine, James Hampshire (UoS), Mélanie Jolivet (INED) and Yoan Molinero Gerbeau (CSIC) -WP8 ImPol Methodology


Elisa Brey, Joaquín Arango, Claudia Finotelli, Sergio González, Francesca Vianello  and Emma Mateos (UCM) -Legal Trajectories from visa overstaying to permanent status: the Ukranian case


Elisa Brey, Joaquín Arango and Claudia Finotelli (UCM) -Unexpected transitions and changes of status that link temporary and permanent migration: The case of students


Alexandra Urdea (UoS) -Romanian seasonal migrants in the UK


Ana López Sala and Yoan Molinero Gerbeau (CSIC) -WP2 Seasonal Migration in the agriculture 2015-2016