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Working Paper 14: Preparation of Survey Tools for Merged Dataset



Abstract: This document summarizes and explains all the preparatory tools designed and developed in the TEMPER project in order to: 1) draft the questionnaires of the Origin Surveys, 2) guarantee the maximum comparability of these questionnaires with previous surveys on return and circulation issues, 3) maximize the possibilities to merge the data resulting from our Origin Surveys, but also from pre-existent surveys on returnees from our countries of interest, with data on immigrants in our countries of destination in the EU, which allow to examine the main drivers of return migration over the recent period for our chosen immigrant groups. Namely, we present in detail the Bank of Questions from Pre-Existent Surveys on Return and Circulation, and the Repository of Pre-Existent Datasets on Immigrants in EU destination countries, and carefully expose the multiple issues to be solved to achieve full comparability: different target populations, different wording of questions, different response categories, different time points of reference, etc. Finally, the document also includes an extended review of the results presented during the “International Workshop on Methodological Challenges for the Study of Return and Circular Migration”, celebrated in Madrid in January 2015.

Working Paper 15: TEMPER Origin Surveys’ Questionnaires



Abstract: This document consists of the two final questionnaires which will be used to apply the TEMPER Origin surveys. These surveys will be conducted in selected countries of origin (Argentina, Romania, Senegal, Ukraine) with (1) migrants returned from selected destination countries, and (2) persons without migratory experience (‘nonmigrants’). Two separate questionnaires have been produced for each of these subsamples: a Returnee Questionnaire, and a Non-migrant Questionnaire. The questionnaires include the contents of the survey proper (questions and answers); basic instructions for the interviewers; and instructions for the programming of the electronic questionnaire (CAPI). Besides the two questionnaires that were originally planned for this deliverable, we are additionally providing the questionnaire manual. This manual contains more detailed instructions and descriptions of the questionnaire contents and it will be used to train the interviewers who will apply the survey. Several TEMPER teams and team members have also contributed to the design and drafting of both questionnaires: CENEP/TEMPER team Argentina (Marcela Cerrutti, Alicia Maguid); INED/TEMPER team Senegal (Audrey Lenoel, Chris Beauchemin, Tatiana Eremenko); Ptoukha Institute/TEMPER team Ukraine (Oleksiy Pozniak, Iryna Maidanik); UB/TEMPER team Romania (Monica Serban, Dumitru Sandu, Paula Andreea Tufis, Elena Tudor, Alin Croitoru, Madalina Manea).

Working Paper 16: Comparative Report on Drivers of Temporary, Permanent and Circular Migration



Abstract: This report presents some preliminary results on the incidence and drivers of return, temporary and circular migration among returnees surveyed in Argentina, Romania, Senegal and Ukraine, the origin countries selected by the TEMPER project. The deliverable summarizes the main issues in the conceptual discussion on return, temporary and circular migration based on previous research and statistical analyses, and presents and motivates the definitions adopted in the TEMPER Origin Surveys. Next, it discusses the low incidence of different types of complex trajectories, with a focus on circular migration following the definition adopted by UNECE (2016), and summarizes the obtained results concerning wish and expectations of re-migration, and reasons behind them. Finally, results on the incidence of temporary migration and its links with different types of return (short-term, long-term, voluntary, involuntary, etc.). are presented, to conclude with a short discussion on the main possibilities and barriers for promoting temporary and circular migration among migrants in the EU.

Work in Progress

Enquête TEMPER sur la migration de retour au Sénégal

Information aux enquêtés sur les divers aspects de l’enquête menée par INED en collaboration avec IPSOS, Omedia et CSIC dans le cadre du projet TEMPER


Encuesta TEMPER a Argentinos retornados al país

Breve información sobre el estudio que CENEP en colaboración con CSIC está llevando a cabo en el marco del proyecto TEMPER